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Environmental Health Institute was launched in 1983 as a clinical laboratory specializing in medical facilities.

Since its founding in the quality of our laboratory (Quality), services (Service), research (R & D) 3 core values consistently pursued on results, and in 1997 the reliability of the test result by acquiring Korea's first world-level manager certification of job CAP's recognized international sujunim.
Since then, Japan's MCM, the US Mayo Clinic, Quest Diagnostics Inc. and China's BGI, a business alliance of Dian Lab. With the globalization of the sample tests, diagnostic tests, pathology, as the nation's best Reference Laboratory and special analysis and genetic diagnosis place was established.
Also, in a prestigious scientific journal in continuous research activities and the number of research papers published each year.

We Environmental Health Institute will provide new levels of service research institute in this field on the basis of constant R & D efforts, All researchers, including specialists in environmental health laboratories throughout the international level of quality control system for the whole process of inspection results referred to in the report, we'll check the correct service.

We SCL Healthcare Group is a national leading professional institute a priority here is our customers, our employees both to study the high-tech medicine based on evidence-based medicine to be an international clinical laboratory specialized agency of the true patient-centered will do our best to have a passion .

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